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Money Master the Game Review

I’m excited about “Get the Edge”, probably because of my history with Tony Robbins products.

    Personal development programs by Tony Robbins, especially his books and audiobooks, has taught me to get beyond the misery of the moment and gave specific instructions on how to change my ‘mood’ in a minute. If you don’t think that’s one of the most valuable traits to develop, then you had better re-think what ‘being successful‘ really means.

In his latest audio book program “Get The Edge” he has done what I never believed could happen – he created a seriously structured pattern to help me zero in on getting the job done – and of course, done well. He set this program up to demonstrate real results in just 7 days! You can’t beat that.

 Integrity is really important to me and Tony’s emphasis remains “excellence in everything”.   I love that.

    This program just makes me so conscious of things I can do to seriously improve my life and relationships beginning NOW. It’s not that this program is better than “Personal Power”, which transformed my entire life, it’s more focused and concise – helping to get results in a short period of time. But it still doesn’t sacrifice the ‘quality’ that I love about Tony’s demand on personal growth.

It’s about having the right tools and using them. “Getting the Edge” makes me believe I can do it – and come out powerful not petty. It’s more than terrific. To me, it’s pure inspiration. I listen to Tony and am continually reminded there is a lot more to me than I ever dreamed and that has to be exciting to anybody, don’t you think? I can just keep on getting better and better, not being perfect but always heading in the right direction toward it.

   I love his simple tools for turning any feeling into a positive motivation for change.

    To me, “Get the Edge is a kind of  “kick-start your life with this 7-day program”. However, my experience with Tony Robbins has been to listen, listen, listen. Contemplate, consider, make a plan, do the steps – then come back to the program and listen again. I hear something ‘new’ nearly every time I hear it because when I come back to the program I’m a different person based on what I learned and practiced since the last time I heard it.

It’s phenomenal.

    His programs, like his books, are so jam-packed with ideas, strategies, awareness, lessons, fundamental truths and sincerely motivating revelations that I don’t want to waste time on superficial hype and false promises. Would you? There are still giants out there – real heroes. I want to follow their examples  and learn an easier way from hearing about their hardships and how they overcame them.

Tony Robbins audiobooks have taught me that every lesson does not have to be a hard one in order to be effective. I really learn from the mistakes of others and I am better equipped to handle difficulty, when I’m right in it because I know I have techniques for turning adversity into opportunity.  I know I can imitate successes  to my advantage, and I do just that.

Obviously, I sincerely recommendGet the Edge” by Tony Robbins. If you are all about getting a life going, start here. Experience the thrill of coming to life and really living. You won’t regret a listening moment of this high energy sincere teacher.

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