How Did I Learn to Play Guitar With Internet

guitar lessonsLearning how to play guitar is not difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive as a lot of people would think, but it requires the strong commitment and good learning strategy. I played a little bit before I started learning and practicing on the daily basis, but it was not good at all, a few chords and maybe 5 songs. When I was little, about 5 -6 years old, my parents signed me for acoustic Classical guitar lessons at the local music school, they were paying for my guitar lessons even though they didn’t have much money, dreaming that one day I am going to be the talented guitarist. Hard to say if those 5 years that I have been attending the guitar lessons were just a waste of money and time or not because I didn’t learn much and within a few years since I quit, I didn’t remember anything at all. One day I decided that I want to start playing again, different style than classic music. I wanted to play the blues, the old school rock like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, just to name a few.

To my surprise, after I grabbed a guitar with an idea of immediately start playing like Hendrix :D, I realized that I know just a few chords and that I can barely play them. So I started learning again, just making my own stuff, and practicing. Then I was searching the internet one day and ended up watching someone’s Youtube video about guitar lessons, showing and demonstrating how to play particular songs and riffs. I thought it was brilliant, and picked up a lot from it. It felt like a normal conventional guitar lesson, except I was in my home and didn’t have to pay anyone for lecturing me.

I learned a lot in very short period of time, and I came to a decision to purchase some of the online guitar lessons to learn more and also to express my gratitude for all the free lessons that were so helpful, especially from the beginning when you have to gain confidence and motivation to go further and faster. The more you learn, the more fun it is, the more you want to learn.


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  1. This is totally true. Online guitar lessons definitely is a way to go. There are lots of local music teachers everywhere but you must have a fixed time when you go this path. If you learn guitar online, you can have the lessons tackled at home even in your own bedroom.

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